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Two hour video

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     Art Matrix, a small company in Ithaca, NY has released a
milestone video on the subject of fractals and chaotic dynamical

     The video is 2 hours of true computer animation delving deeply
into the nature of Julia Sets and Mandelbrot Sets.  It includes the
classic 30 minute segment 'Nothing But Zooms', which has been used
around the world in television science shows and award winning PBS

     Fractals are simple pictures that visualize the behavior of
various mathematical equations.  They show what happens to the output
of an equation for every possible input.  Every equation has two kinds
of fractal images associated with it, the first is called a Mandelbrot
image and the second is called a Julia image.  There is one Mandelbrot
image for each equation but an infinite number of Julia images, and in
fact the Mandelbrot image is a summing statement covering every
possible Julia image.

     The video 'Mandelbrot Sets and Julia Sets' covers many different
equations including quadratics, cubics, 5th degree polynomials,
rational maps and a host of others.  Scenes consist of long deep zooms
into the various mathematical spaces under study.  Also included are
various 'promenades' around the quadratic space showing the resulting
Julia Sets.

     The video is scored with a beautiful music only sound track,
suitable for all ages.

     Art Matrix suggests that providing this experience to young
children will change their view of mathematics, an effect that will
last the rest of their lives.

MATHEMATICS FOR LOVERS, 120 minute video